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Cultivated Solutions Inc

Customized Learning Solutions for the Cannabis Industry.


Curious about new and exciting cannabis products? Having trouble sorting cannabis fact from fiction? Interested in an exciting career in the cannabis industry?

The cannabis industry is creating new and interesting opportunities for everyone. Not sure what live resin is or how consuming an edible is different from inhaling cannabis? No problem! Let Cultivated Solutions guide you out of the haze of prohibition. We offer courses that can help you prepare for a new cannabis career or increase your general knowledge about cannabis. The cannabis industry is bringing a whole host of new products to enjoy and it can be very difficult to find the right solutions for your needs. Learn to make the most out of your cannabis experience with Cultivated Solutions’ courses, or by attending one of our informational seminars.



The cannabis industry has created a lot of opportunities for businesses in Canada. Cultivated Solutions is here to help your business achieve their customer service and sales goals. Navigating a cannabis user through their experience is a very complex undertaking; these complexities can be compounded when dealing with new users. There is an alarming lack of individuals with both the cannabis knowledge and expertise to support users. Cultivated Solutions is here to train your staff so that they can become an unstoppable sales force. Our core philosophy is that growing sales comes from customer loyalty and retention. Let us help your business develop stronger relationships with its customers.

Curious About Cannabis?

The cannabis plant has some very unique and interesting characteristics. These unique characteristics are what make cannabis so beneficial. Unfortunately these characteristics also make it hard for the unexperienced to understand and predict the effects of cannabis. Even many experienced users may not fully understand the mechanisms that create such unique and diverse effects. Cultivated Solutions strives to provide individuals with the knowledge they need to understand and make the most of their cannabis experience.




Cultivated Solutions provides training and talent development services to the cannabis businesses interested in educating their workforce. We take the time to offer customized customer service solutions for your team, so, that you can achieve all your sales goals.

Keeping a full-time in house trainer can be expensive and your managers may not have the skills to effectively train a strong service team. Let us help. Cultivated Solutions is here to help you develop your own customized sales training program or to offer your team ours. We offer reduced rates for group registration of our online courses.


We believe that sometimes you have to take information to the people. A lot of people are misinformed about cannabis. Cultivated Solutions plans on hosting informational seminars across the country on a wide range of topics. Let us know if you are interested in sponsoring or advertising at one of our informational seminars. We would love to come talk to your community about the benefits of cannabis and how it can help them. We also offer our Cannabis Essentials as a sponsored event if you would like us to come speak with your patients or adult-use customers. Cultivated Solutions is willing to speak on many cannabis related topics; such as “How Can Cannabis Help You Age,” or “The Harms of Under-age Cannabis Use.”

About Us

Cultivated Solutions works to help address the educational and training needs of the budding cannabis industry. We strive to battle the issues created by years of politically motivated policy and misinformation. Decades of cannabis prohibition have created a host of problems unique to the cannabis industry. Problems such as misinformed opinions and a lack of credible research. Through our online courses and informational seminars we hope to provide individuals and organizations with the information they need to excel. Cultivated Solutions specializes in cannabis education and talent development for the cannabis industry.

Cultivated Solutions is here to help you learn. We understand not everyone learns they same, so we work hard to provide our students with a dynamic learning experience.

Strategic Partnerships

Here at Cultivated Solutions we have big goals. The cannabis industry is growing fast, and we plan to grow with it. The whole world is looking to Canada as an example. Providing us with a unique opportunity to expand internationally. We are currently limited in what we can do at the moment by our resources. Cultivated Solutions is looking for strategic partnerships and capital investments to help us meet the needs of the cannabis industry. If you are interested in hearing more about what we plan to do please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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